Performance Analysis

To maximize reciprocating compressors reliability, critical equipment operators must implement periodic efficiency performance and mechanical condition evaluations. These evaluations are normally carried out by means of portable analyzers, which collect and record machine performance and mechanical conditions data, whereby generating compressor and internal combustion engine (gas and diesel) pressure-volume graphs. These graphs in turn enable for unit thermodynamic and mechanical evaluation.

Selco has extensive experience in conducting Performance Analyses. To do so it maintains a specialized team of analysts, and field engineers. This know-how, accumulated over the years, combined with reciprocating compressor and combustion engine knowledge, enables Selco clients to obtain exceptional results. By doing so, these services can generate economy savings in the millions of dollars range.

Root Cause Analysis (troubleshooting) are carried out on situations presenting particular problems which require detailed studies. The specific problem may be related to component flaws, excessive vibration or pulsation, resonance, among others. A field visit will allow for selection of the appropriate technique (among the many available) to solve the machine or pipe system particular problem.

Selco Análise de Performance