Check Valves

Check Valves prevent reverse gas flow from causing damage to equipments and threatening the safety of industrial facilities. They must be resistant, reliable, and operate in a fast but smooth manor (non-slam), in order to prevent any potentially harmful pressure peaks.

Válvulas de Retenção


Selco holds vast experience in the development of check valves, and historically has supplied specific projects for refineries, chemical, petrochemical, natural gas industries, among others. The check valves are particularly suitable for reciprocating compressor protection, or for any other applications involving pressure pulsation gas flow.

Materials of exceptional quality are used, adequate to each application. This way, the company made check valves offer high performance, high energy efficiency, long life span, ease of maintenance, low pressure drops, quick and smooth closing response, without significant (non-slam) impact.


Miniatura Válvulas Retenção
Miniatura  Selco Válvulas de Retenção 2
Miniatura  Selco Válvulas de Retenção 3