Oil Scrapers

Certain reciprocating compressor components require constant and abundant lubrication. Oil Scrapers prevent that oil contained in the force system (from the carter region) empty out through the rod. This type of leakage can generate a series of problems, among which excess oil consumption, contamination of the compressed air and work environment, and packing sealing malfunctioning.

Raspadores de Óleo


Oil Scraper conventional designs may present low efficiency, leading to an excessive consumption of lubrication oil. Additionally, damages that reduce the rod life span may surge. Selco scrapers present adequate profiles and compositions to prevent such risks.

Selco offers a great variety of single and double effect oil scrapers. Its products are used in several industries, presenting high field proven efficiency. Metallic and thermoplastic materials are used, adequate to different mechanical and operational compressor conditions.

The company develops oil scrapers for particularly demanding applications, as well as to solve specific problems, including of vertical compressors.


Miniatura Raspadores de Óleo 4
Miniatura Raspadores de Óleo
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