Pistons, Rods and Liners

Pistons are located at one of the Rod extremes, and operate inside the reciprocating compressor cylinder as a moving barrier. They may be produced of light materials such as aluminum or steel, with a hollow interior to reduce weight.

Rods convey reciprocating movements of crossheads to pistons.

Liners allow the compression of gases and prevent cylinder wear. They must be resistant to support high pressures and temperatures.

Pistões, Hastes e Camisas


Selco develops and supplies compressor pistons, rods and liners for a variety of applications and operational conditions. The products are made of a complete array of special metals such as aluminum, gray and nodular cast irons, stainless steels, and alloy steels, among others.

An experienced technical team works in the development and specification of those components. The company’s knowledge of reciprocating compressors - conceptual and operational – allows an understanding of all mechanical demands. Through finite element analysis (FEA) adequate safety factors are assured, so minimizing costs while holding no components at risk.

All products and services are developed aiming to meet or reestablish original compressor conditions, as well as new working conditions (REVAMPs). The international technical requirements and specific standards, such as API 618, DIN and NR 12, are applied during project execution.

Pistons, rods and liners are compressor critical components that require specific tests and trials, to assure integrity and reliability. A team of engineers and quality control inspectors is fit to execute and follow up on non-destructive, chemical and mechanical trials of these components during the manufacturing process.


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