Our Brand

Leader in technology for reciprocating compressors and precision machining.

Selco is present in markets of intense competition, within which clients have access to a variety of suppliers. In view of this competitive reality the company invests continuosly in reinforcing its image of leader in solutions development, thus supporting our claim that Selco is the ideal partner in business for current and future clients.

The essence of our image is grounded in decades of accomplishments. The combination of tradition and innovation made of us a reliable company that invests in the future. We are proud of the Selco we built, and of the trust we place behind our capabilities to keep on growing.

Brand Name

Our leadership is grounded on three pillars:

Proximity Proximity

Establish long-term partnerships with our clients to provide specific solutions.

Expertise Expertise

Experienced professionals able to identify opportunities that improve compressor performance.

Technology Technology

Continuous investment in research and development to always offer our clients the latest technology.