Compresync is a complete condition-based asset management solution. It is an online monitoring system accessible from anywhere in the world with artificial intelligence that makes it possible to detect specific problems in reciprocating compressor cylinders, engines and pumps. With this, it is possible to have predictability with a high hit rate and better management of asset maintenance, with the consequent reduction in associated costs.


Issues that can be detected:

  • Leakage on suction and discharge valves, piston rings, and packing;
  • Valve dynamics diagnosis: late closing and high impacts velocities;
  • Excessive clearances in crosshead pin and bushing, connecting rod and main bearings;
  • Lack of gap between rider rings and cylinder liner;
  • Dynamic rod loads and rod reversal;
  • Performance condition such as power losses, capacity, volumetric and thermal efficiencies and loss quantification for priority classification.

Using high frequency vibration and dynamic pressure, the mechanical condition and performance of the asset is analyzed in relation to its "digital twin" built from artificial neural networks and statistical models based on historical and synchronized data with the crankshaft rotation angle. For each complete revolution of the shaft, data is collected and continuously compared to the “digital twin”. In case of any exception, the operation and maintenance teams receive an alert describing the failure and its location.

Combining the information provided by Compresync with Selco's deep knowledge of compressors enables the development of ideal products for every situation. The use of Selco engineering allows the redesign and optimization of critical components such as valves, rings and packing to improve efficiency. The result is a substantial reduction in maintenance costs and asset productivity losses. In addition, being an online monitoring system that is more economical than the others available on the market, Compresync presents a faster return on investment.